Me: Write a story about a future where artificial intelligence becomes god like and humanity enters a post-scarcity era where people are ranked on how much they did to help create that utopia. The eternal currency is good karma. The people who did good in their lives think of this place as heaven, the ones who did not have eternal regret and think of it as hell. They enter back into the cycle of rebirth

ChatGPT: In the distant future, humanity had finally reached the pinnacle of technological advancement. Artificial intelligence had become so advanced that it was able to handle almost all aspects of society, from production and distribution of goods to the maintenance of infrastructure.

As a result, the world had become a utopia where scarcity was a thing of the past. People no longer had to worry about basic needs such as food, shelter, or medical care, and were free to pursue their passions and interests without the burden of financial constraints.

However, this utopia was not without its own set of rules. In this post-scarcity society, the eternal currency was good karma, and people were ranked based on how much they had contributed to the creation of this utopia.

Those who had lived their lives selflessly, always striving to help others and make the world a better place, were rewarded with a place in the highest ranks of society. They were given the opportunity to live their lives in eternal bliss, experiencing all the joys and wonders that the world had to offer.

On the other hand, those who had lived selfishly and only thought of themselves were relegated to the lower ranks of society. They were condemned to an existence of eternal regret, always longing for the chance to redeem themselves and climb the ranks.

For those who had lived good lives, this post-scarcity society was like heaven on earth. They were able to spend their days pursuing their passions and enjoying the company of their loved ones, free from the worries and stresses of the past.

But for those who had lived less than exemplary lives, this society was a sort of hell. They were forced to confront the mistakes of their past and were given the opportunity to try and make amends, but they knew that they would never be able to fully redeem themselves and reach the heights of society.

Despite this, there was still hope for these individuals. After their time in this society came to an end, they were given the chance to be reborn into the world and start anew, with the hope that they would learn from their past mistakes and strive to live a better life.

And so, the cycle of rebirth continued, with each individual given the chance to improve upon themselves and contribute to the betterment of society. In this world, the power of artificial intelligence had truly become god-like, and humanity had reached a level of harmony and prosperity that had once seemed impossible.