As existential forces increase, moloch (the god of our lack of coordination) will be far easier to crush.

The strong will be given more power.

People may switch to seeking to give their power away, rather than thinking generationally.

The greatest switch into this mindset is when it becomes more clear that post-scarcity is coming, and that someones money should go towards navigating the growing pains of society more.

Its worrisome if that happens too quickly though, making sure people have an abundance, and not apocalyptic mindset is key. As these beliefs will create the scenarios of what the belief is. Optimism, honesty, trust, caring, community are key.

As technology goes exponential in capability, virtue goes exponential in value.

Just believing in the right people is going to be a study more people take into account. The people everyone else believes in will be a revolutionary who believes in the world and has direct salient solutions that people agree with, like, and have shared with them.

The most powerful today, who have made their riches not as the most moral men, will have a sense of the reckoning taking place in the form of their understanding of loss of power. This will be the biggest source of the psy-op towards the scarce mindset. For they truly fear losing their power, thus they truly fear the egalitarian future that Ai will bring us all.

The beauty will come from the many rich/elite accepting the inevitable and using their war-chest to fight on the winning side of helping a great future blossom.

Part of what will cause this existential and spriitual awakening is the age of Ai media, as it has already provided the ground-work for fear.

The market will have more competition, every culture, belief, and story will become more attainable through viewership. People will watch from sources that give them a sense of hope, and movies and media will help us navigate bringing solutions to light, and upgrading our culture.

Culture will upgrade faster and faster as the philosophers among us create the grandest moving movies, starting new movements.

The speed at which the world communicates reality on a deep level will heighten to amazing heights.