I do it to earn my spot in heaven, I do it to leave a legacy, I do it to spread love, I do it to decrease the suffering of the world, I do it to enlighten myself and those around me.

Quit delaying who you really are. Be fully authentic, ask for help in spreading love.

(It’s dope when you take a gamble and it hits in personal relationships, saying an inside joke and the person was inside of it) EQ is semi-esoteric and anyone who knows it thinks themselves somewhat more posh, more posh and status based people love being reminded that they are “in the club” they have the status. Even me. We are all on a spectrum of loving status.

DMT allows one to experience their consciousness in a brand new light. Somewhere In all the neural activity, your consciousness goes, seemingly in doses higher and higher, further away from this reality. Breaching a certain level, everyone experiences a reality that is unparalleled.

The psychedelic revolution is underway and the reason is because of the things it does to our brain.

I started this NCAL league, potential 50k a month sponsor.

I lost employees because they were just living free and I can only offer equity.

I’m betting on this, those that are here are betting on this.

I’m creating amazing things but failing to fund them because I’m not focused enough on story telling, NCAL, the marketing plan for Flic, explain how genius it is…


There’s a small, albeit growing subculture of Angelenos who like to experience the sensation of death recreationally.

I am one of them.

By now, you may have heard whispers about the powerful, life-altering psychedelic known as DMT. Today, I’m going to share some of my experiences.

Proponents refer to DMT as a “medicine,” not a drug. And for good reason. When used carefully and intentionally, this simple molecule can change your life and fundamentally alter your perspective of the world. Still, it goes without saying to use discretion, follow your gut and do your research before you decide to undergo this experience. It is not for the faint of heart.

Safe journeys.

I believe in God because I’ve met it.

But the God I’ve met is not the lord of any particular religion or doctrine. It’s not a Christian, Jewish or Muslim god.

The God I’ve met doesn’t have a book of rules for what we can or can’t do. It has no sex or race, and certainly no white beard.

In fact, this God doesn’t even have a personality or any preferences.

The God I’ve met is pure energy.