If anything is ever too hard, if you can just sit upright and close your eyes and wait, it will become exciting!

****This is because sitting up and doing nothing is a form of motivation resetting.

Also, its EASIER to do this when you make it a **ritual.

Ritual** is a fancy term for a meaningful habit

One of the best rituals is simply firing your neurons in the right direction.

Repeating positive phrases actually wires your brain into a better natural operative state. Every thought which fires neurons, wires your sub-concious to naturally think that way, naturally helping you navigate through life with that emotion.

Your brain also STORES these connections based on the amount of emotional value they hold.

It’s how our brain chooses what memories to file closer to the top, and what natural state of being we are in, is effected by this.

So repeating and EMBODYING the emotion is the best way.

I like to say: I’m grateful just to be alive.

Appreciating the gifts I’ve been given, and the opportunities I’ve had, is a great alignment into an abundance mindset.

Mantra’s / Affirmations Are The Term Used For This Form Of Subconcious Programming

In this world of affirmations, and of hacking your subconscious to give you a great perspective on life, I believe there has not been too much competition to understand what is the MOST EFFECTIVE.

Recently a book has become popular by Kamal Ravikant claiming the simple phrase “I Love Myself” is the best in the world, and the only affirmation needed.

I agree its an amazing foundation, yet I find the search for the most effective, is a personal subjective need.

Just like hormonal imbalance, you may be full of self love, but need a bit more confidence, which a different term would help in bringing out.

Here are some more examples of affirmations I enjoy: