I think we personally do not realize the rapid change in growth of society because we are a part of it. It would be most interesting to hear the accounts of people who have been in coma’s.

I’d like to ask some of my aunts/uncles/parents if they think the world and culture are changing more rapidly in the past decade with the age of the smartphone. It’s the true inter connectivity of person to person that I think would have this effect. On this note, I am really impressed with the awareness and level of intellect of people younger than me, and I don’t think it’s because these younger people are genetically different. But rather that the internet has allowed them to take in such high level information at a younger age. Controlling the information, controls the thoughts, controls the actions, controls the output, controls the world. Of course, no one has full control over all the information we in-take, but if they did, and they were benevolent in nature. It could be the greatest thing to happen to humankind. If they were evil, it would be the greatest hinderance on our collective capabilities.