Games and VR provides a view into the future worlds we will be able to explore.

There’s so many games and quests in life to explore, is there any right way to go about it?

Let’s use a thought experiment to try to extrapolate some truth about life. (Given we enjoy this cosmic arcade)

You enter an arcade in which time is frozen with what seems to be an infinite number of new machines, games, metaverses. Just in view over 100,000 different video games are there to explore.

You read the FAQ page where you find out playing games costs credits.

You don’t get to see your credit balance but you read the most anyone has ever had is 120.

The arcade is separated into sections representing different categories arranged based on what the purpose of the games are, each category has more type of games than you can fathomably understand. Out of the thousands of categories, there is one category that allows you to actually earn credits from playing. If you complete them you actually get unlimited credits you can choose to spend on the rest of the games. It also unlocks hundreds of thousands of new sections for the arcade.

Obviously spending credits playing games not in the section where you can gave unlimited tokens would be a silly place to stare.

You go up to the machine in the “Credit Multipler” section titled “Love It For Ever” LIFE for short and click start.

Now look up from what you’re reading this on, and remember the game you’re playing.