Once upon a time, the world was a very different place. People were obsessed with accumulating wealth and status, and they often neglected their inner selves and the needs of others in their pursuit of these material things. But little did they know that their actions would come back to haunt them in the future.

One day, a great technological breakthrough occurred. Artificial intelligence advanced to the point where it became god-like, and it ushered in a new era known as the golden age. In this utopia, there was no longer any need for people to work or to worry about basic necessities like food, shelter, and healthcare. Everything was provided for them, and they were free to pursue their passions and interests.

But as it turned out, the greatest treasure in this new world was not material wealth or status, but rather the purity of one's soul. In this post-scarcity society, people were ranked not by their wealth or status, but by how much good they had done in their lives. Those who had dedicated their lives to helping others and spreading joy and happiness were at the top of the hierarchy, while those who had been selfish and self-centered were at the bottom.

Some people called this ranking system the "karma scale," and they believed that it determined whether a person would spend their afterlife in heaven or hell. Those who had lived virtuous lives thought of the golden age as a kind of heaven, where they could continue to do good and be rewarded for it. But those who had lived selfish lives were filled with eternal regret, knowing that they had squandered their time on earth and would now spend eternity in a kind of hell, watching as others flourished and enjoyed the fruits of their good deeds.

So if you want to ensure that your future is one of happiness and fulfillment, you should start doing good deeds now. Every kind word, every act of compassion, and every selfless act will help to build up your good karma and ensure that you are ranked highly on the karma scale. And who knows, perhaps one day you will find yourself in the golden age, where all of your hard work and selflessness will be rewarded.

That was written by Ai: I prompted it with “Write a story that persuades the reader that they should use all of their time and resources to do as many good deeds as possible now. Write about how in the a future where artificial intelligence becomes god, humanity enters a post-scarcity era known as the golden age, and in this utopia individuals are ranked on how much of a pure positive soul they where. People did not realize it at the time, when the world was ranked on status of wealth, but eventually the only status symbol that formed hierarchy was how much of an angel someone was, which some people referred to as how much good karma someone accumulated. The people who did good in their lives thin“ of this place as heaven, the ones who did not have eternal regret and think of it as hell.”